Simple Solution To Eye Strain

Phone addiction is one of the biggest non-drug addiction in human history. 

Studies show that excessive phone use is linked to procrastination, suicide, insomnia, headaches, lower productivity, unstable relationships, poor physical health (eye strain, body-aches, posture, hand strain), and poor mental health (depression, anxiety, stress). Some of these problems can be both causes and effects of phone addiction, as well as making other aforementioned afflictions worse.

According to the same studies, the most common symptoms of patients suffering from excessive use of digital devices include eye strain (82 percent), dry or irritated eyes (74 percent), fatigue (70 percent) and headaches (61 percent). 

While eye strain doesn't have serious or long-term consequences, it can be aggravating and unpleasant. It can also make you tired and reduce your ability to concentrate, cause headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain are also often experienced with this condition.

For years, staring out your window at vast expanses of greenery, self administered eye massages and Vitamin A supplements have been suggested as surefire remedies for dealing for eye strain. 

But relaxing your eyes isn’t as easy as pushing against them gently with the back of your hands. And you can’t trick your eyes into staying healthy just by looking at a tree for 10 minutes when you’ve spent hours exposing them to screen glare. While Vitamin A supplements are beneficial for eye health, it doesn’t directly correlate with better eyesight.

BREO’s 21st century solution to this modern problem is the thermal eye massager.

By putting on an eye mask insulated with self-heating gel packs that heat up to 107 F - the optimal temperature for eye muscle relaxation - in just under 30 seconds, your eyes will feel as if they are seeing the world for the first time after 5-10 minutes of gentle, and automatic, kneading.  

The idea is simple, improve circulation in the eyes and the stress will just melt away. The precision technology just wasn’t there before. 

BREO is one of the first product incubators to mass produce this game-changing concept and, for that reason and others, it has dominated the Asian market. BREO eye massagers are a cult-favorite with keyboard warriors in Japan, not only for its groundbreaking technology, but also because of its futuristic and minimalistic design which makes young office workers eager to wear them on at the office, on the subway and in the trendiest coffee shops. 

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