Brain Massage

The brain is a bodily organ like no other. 

It has 3 major types of cells. 

Everyone knows about neurons, the cells that are responsible for controlling the way we move, feel and think, as well as automated bodily functions such as our heartbeats and digestion. Neurons only make up a minority of our cells, however, as there are also astrocytes and microglia cells in our brains that support the neurons. 

Astrocytes are star-shaped cells that provide nutrients to the nervous tissues, regulate cerebral blood flow and contribute to the repair of the brain and spinal cord following physical trauma and infections, among other things. On the other hand, microglia are key cells in overall brain maintenance, as they constantly sweep our brains to look for signs of infection. 

When we experience trauma, including physical and emotional blows to our bodies and minds, as well as infectious diseases, various processes take place that eventually lead to the hyperactivity of microglia cells, which creates inflammation in the brain. This inflammation can last for years and its symptoms include headache, dizziness, fainting, forgetfulness, loss of concentration, insomnia and general fatigue, among other things. 

Inflammation in the body is most commonly removed through massage and thermal therapy which facilitates fluid flow under muscular membranes. The aforementioned therapy assists the body’s lymphatic system to transport a fluid containing white blood cells throughout the body. This fluid is called “lymph” and helps to fight infections in the body, as well as helping it to get rid of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.  

Until recently, it was thought that the brain had no lymphatic system. More recent studies show, however, that the brain has a “glymphatic” system which allows for drainage of neurotoxins (heavy metals, infectious organism, harmful chemicals etc.) and “bad” proteins (e.g. amyloid beta protein), the built up of which contributes to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Trained osteopaths are able to feel the position and motion of the 23 bones in the skull to assess the systemic health of our brains and, through methodic kneading, accelerate the fluid flow under our dural membranes to relieve symptoms of brain trauma (both physical and emotional) that are so common in modern society. 

While osteopathic cranial treatments typically last 30-45 minutes, long-term treatment is needed for prolonger improvement. 

BREO’s Scalp massager reproduces the expert motions of leading osteopaths in handheld and wearable models, which allows users to duplicate the relief of osteopathic cranial treatments in the comfort of the home for a fraction of the cost. 

Take your mind on vacation today, by getting a brain massage in the comfort of your home!